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The humble bucket of beloved sidewalk chalk is finally receiving its’ five minutes of fame.

Perfectly suited for driveways, sidewalks, kids and adults, sidewalk chalk art is popping up all over the place. It has become the new medium of choice, so to speak, for spreading small messages of hope and optimism as Coronavirus has redefined our definition of normal, really, what could be more suited to the job than a big bucket of chalk in vibrant colors just waiting to come alive through the imagination and creativity of anyone lucky enough to be able to find it in-stock on store shelves. I’d go so far as to call it a big, welcome bucket of serotonin, ready and eager to lower stress levels and spread joy, hope, fun and optimism. Chalking inspiring quotes and messages, jokes and riddles, and colorful drawings that range from stick figures to masterpieces, the humble bucket of sidewalk chalk is finally receiving its’ five minutes of fame. According to Google Trends, searches on Google for the term “sidewalk chalk” spiked massively at the beginning of April – see the interactive chart pictured below. (JavaScript is needed to view the interactive data)

There’s even a “Weather Sidewalk Forecast” to let you know if you should hold off the chalking until the rain passes. Featured below is @BigweatherABC11’s Don Schwenneker, “First Alert Sidewalk Forecast”.

Sidewalk Chalk now even has its’ very own “Weather Sidewalk Forecast”

Additionally, hashtags such as #ChalkYourWalk and Crayola’s #SayItColorfully have quickly gained traction on social media as more people set out to enhance the blank canvases of sidewalk around them. Now is definitely an ideal time to grab some chalk (if you can find it) and explore your creativity and inner-artist and paint the town with a little bit of inspiration.

Hashtags such as #ChalkYourWalk and Crayola’s #SayItColorfully have become popular social media tags to help

Chalk it Up to Inspiration:

Below are some of the sidewalk chalk creations around my own neighborhood, as well as a selection of some of my favorites I’ve come across on social media. Enjoy!

Special shout-out to the transportation and delivery industry.

If your household is like ours, you’ve sharply increased your reliance on companies such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service to help keep your everyday life up and running as close to normal as is possible right now. People all across the country have been creatively chalking colorful thank you-messages that greet delivery drivers right from the front doorstep.

Some of our favorites from social media.

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